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We all live in a world of music. It soundtracks our lives and our thoughts, and that’s why the right music or artist can be the unseen silver bullet in a creative idea. We can help you discover the music that chimes with your audience just right, or the best way to deploy music to make it work for your objectives. If you want to do for your campaign What Stuck In The Middle With You did for Reservoir Dogs, let’s talk.

Audio Branding

Ever since Harley-Davidson patented the sound of their engine in 1994, Smartypants people have been talking about “Audio Branding”, but all we know is that if you play us the first half-second of Smoke On The Water, we can hum you the rest. This isn’t about jingles; this is something much more powerful. Pure sound as memory.

Think of it like a logo for the ears - that snippet of sound that will surface all your brand’s positive associations in the mind of a listener. Just like a logo, effective audio branding has to be clear, simple, and completely unmistakeable. This goes way beyond composition, down to the dark science of sound design. If you’re looking for the next Intel Noise, we have just the scientists.

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Bespoke Composition

Here’s where we started - our Cavern Club. Over the last 25 years (or about five different Madonna looks), we’ve mastered the craft of writing and creating music for use in media. In that time we’ve brought some of London’s best composition talent together in-house, and developed relationships with specialists around the globe, scoring everything from epic short films to animations, winning a stack of awards in the process.

Music Supervision

Great supervision is about much more than digging through a pile of promos and a label’s Spotify playlist. It’s not about finding what’s trendy, but what’s right for you. A team of twelve people who breathe music is our solution, and to date we’ve helped each other source the perfect pieces for brands from Amazon to Zara. We have the understanding, care and experience to navigate clearing music with rights holders, and hold full insurance against whatever might happen - it’s important to us to get the track right, and the process of clearance fail safe.

Sound Design

Sound design means creating the invisible from imagination, ingenuity and technology. Our sound designers relish this challenge; in fact, we’ve been given Emmys for it. If you ever wondered what something impossible sounded like, we can help.

Artist Partnerships

Above all else, the music industry runs on trust and collaboration. If you’re an artist, lending your creation and your credibility to a brand can be a big, scary deal. But done right, it can change the fortunes of everyone involved. Some of our partnerships with labels are two decades deep, and we use this foundation of trust to create stronger, more effective relationships between artists and brands than either side would have thought possible.


Capturing the soul of a song in a different way is a true art. To cover well-loved maestros from Ennio Morricone to Curtis Mayfield requires sensitivity, experience, ingenuity and imagination. And a certain flair that only comes with having practiced it for 25 years.