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  • Quick Fire 15

    Quick Fire 15

    with Fanny Hoetzeneder

    Quick Fire 15 is back and this week we are thrilled to welcome Caviar’s latest signing Fanny Hoetzeneder to the hot seat!

    The French filmmaker is well known for her authentic and sensitive portrayals of human subject, bringing together real people and their communities to showcase their passion and strength through the lens. Her background in photography is strongly evident throughout her film work presenting a distinctive and arresting visual style for brands as diverse as The Mayor of London, FIFA, Ray-Ban and Valspar.

    Based in London, Fanny has joined the Caviar roster for European commercial and music video representation in Belgium, France, Spain and the UK. As confinement continues in most parts of the world, we're checking in with Fanny to find out what she has been listening and watching the most during lockdown, her favourite album cover, some top tips and lots more..

    1. Where are you right now? And who are you with?

    At home in North London. With my boyfriend.

    2. What bands or artists have you been listening to most in lockdown?

    Michael Kiwanuka, Mac DeMarco, Tribe Called Quest, Santo & Johnny.

    3. What was the first record you bought?

    I can’t remember at all, probably something really embarrassing, but I recently started to collect vinyls and one of the first records I bought was '45:33' by LCD Soundsystem

    4. Favourite album cover?

    The Stone Roses’ debut album - I always thought it was a beautiful artwork but I recently discovered the significance for the lemons and that took it to another level.

    5. Any good podcast recommendations?

    Caliphate by The New York Times is amazing. Also That Peter Crouch Podcast for a good laugh. 

    6. What song gets you up and dancing in your living room?

    'Woke Up This Morning' by Alabama 3 .

    7. If you could direct a music video for any artist/band, who would it be?

    Nicolas Jaar or Sampha.

    8. Favourite Music Video?

    So many! The ones I loved watching on repeat growing up were 'Praise You' by FatBoy Slim,  'Since I left You' by The Avalanches, 'Slow' by Kylie Minogue. From more recent times: 'Element' by Kendrick Lamar, 'Never Catch Me' by Flying Lotus, 'Territory' by The Blaze.

    9. Film director idol?

    Stanley Kubrick.

    10. Greatest influence on your career?

    Watching '2001: A Space Odyssey' by Stanley Kubrick.

    11. Favourite movie & soundtrack?

    I really loved the soundtrack of 'Mid 90s' by Jonah Hill but I would say favourite movie & soundtrack together would be 'There Will be Blood' by Paul Thomas Anderson, original score by Jonny Greenwood.

    12. What do you miss about the outside world?

    Hugs. And browsing record shops for 12” soul & funk bangers.

    13. Learnt any new skills/ picked up any new hobbies whilst in isolation?

    Cutting the boyfriend’s hair but let’s not call it a skill.

    14. Any TV or board game recommendations?

    Obsessed with Succession on HBO. #FuckOff

    15. Any tips or words of encouragement for getting through this?

    Take a sense of achievement and pleasure in the little things you can do. 

    Thank you Fanny!

    Adelphi Music Factory - Javelin (Calling Out Your Name) from Fanny Hoetzeneder on Vimeo.

    Crédit Agricole x FIFA | #GrâceAuSport from Fanny Hoetzeneder on Vimeo.