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    with Jonas & Julien

    The ultimate quick fire questionnaire for the music and creative minded!  

    We get under the skin of some of our favourite directors, musicians and bands to reveal what makes them tick musically and creatively, from their favourite band to the latest book in their hand!

    This week we have one half of directing duo Jonas of Jonas & Julien (Radical Media) join us in the hot seat! The duo are best known for their innovative storytelling for brands including Rimowa, Reebok, Adidas & Huawei, bringing together the world of 3D illustrations, graphic art and motion design with high end beautiful visuals.

    Jonas spills all on his latest listens, his favourite movie soundtrack and his film director idol, here on Quick Fire 15...

    1. What bands or artists are you listening to most right now?

    Jungle & Blood Orange.

    2. What was the first record you bought?

    I think it was a single by the German hiphop combo Fanta4.

    3. What Radio Station do you listen to?


    4. What's your go to Karaoke song?

    Summer Wine by Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood.

    5. Favourite gig venue?

    Everything outside in summer, I also saw Leon Vynehall at the new venue in Dalston called EartH which I really enjoyed, also the Barbican Concert Hall.

    6. What was the last gig you saw?

    Chemical Brothers at All Points East festival.

    7. Favourite music video?

    I love good movement performances as its something so simple but so incredible. If I had to pick a favourite music video of the last 3 months, it would be FKA Twigs, "Cellophane".

    8. What song gets you on the dance floor?

    This changes literally every 5 minutes. Heavy California by Jungle, but that's more day dancing, Gul l'Abi by Acid Arab for dancing in the car and good hiphop for any house party.

    9. Favourite movie & soundtrack?

    Movie, impossible. But in terms of soundtrack the ones that just came to mind are 'Call Me By Your Name' which I loved and then Vangelis 'Blade Runner' which I could listen to all the time.

    10. If you could direct a music video for any artist/band, who would it be?

    I'd love to work with Kendrick Lamar or FKA Twigs as I love how progressive they are in terms of visuals but also messaging.

    11. Film director idol?


    12. What can’t you live without?

    Good friends. Good food.

    13. What did you last have to eat?

    Some sardines with lime and bread and butter.

    14. What are you reading at the moment?

    A compilation of Italian short stories by Jhumpa Lahiri, published by Penguin.

    Anything you want to tell us about?

    Enjoy the Summer!

    Thank you Jonas!

    Reebok Classics 3D.Op.Lite (feat. Che Lingo) from Builders Club on Vimeo.