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    International Women's Day

    To celebrate International Women’s Day and raise awareness of the continued efforts needed to build a gender-equal future, we get to know and pay homage to the wonderful women of Adelphoi Music, as they share their everyday role models and thoughts on representation. Introducing;

    Hannah Crawford, Head of Operations, London.

    Favourite Album: Prince ‘Purple Rain’

    First Record: The Cardigans 'Love Fool'.

    What can’t you live without: Tea.

    Who inspires you: My friends, strangers on the internet, and Jacinda Ardern who's just been a totally amazing leader for New Zealand during the pandemic. 

    What progress have you seen in gender equality and diversity in your life and work:

    Equality and diversity are constantly being discussed both in a work context and in the wider media and amongst friends, which is definitely positive. I think there’s a way to go to ensure that these strides aren’t just tokenistic and performative, but I hope that will come with time. 

    Chloe Heatlie, Producer, London.

    The last song you listened to: 'Heavy' - Orla Gartland

    First Record purchased: The first CD I bought was The Rasmus - 'In The Shadows' age 11. I liked to be a bit emo back then - massive side fringe and lots of black eyeliner.

    What can't you live without: Serious answer: Family. Instinctive answer: Chocolate.

    Who Inspires you: It was a close tie between Queen B and my mum, but mama wins, she is definitely my biggest inspiration. Raising 4 kids, working, running the home, giving amazing advice - we call her 'The Guru' and she's the best. 

    What progress have you seen in gender equality and diversity in your life and work? I am enjoying finding out about initiatives that are set up to support women in the advertising, creative and music industries (Girls I Rate, Women in Music Podcast, She Says, For Creative Girls). I have recently noticed a lot more support and exposure for female composers too. The excuse that there is a 'skills gap' between men and female composers is absolute rubbish. 

    Lacyn Clarke, Business Development, Amsterdam.

    First Record purchased: Steps '5,6,7,8' (don't judge).

    Last Gig: Khruangbin, Paradiso Amsterdam.

    What can't you live without: Wifi. I don't know how I would have got through this year without regular video chats with family and friends.

    Who inspires you: All the women in my life and my dog, she has really taught me a lot about how to get through a pandemic.

    What progress have you seen in gender equality and diversity in your life and work:

    I think there is a big rally behind feminism and inclusion and not just for the sake of lip service but actual implementation behind inclusive and intersectional movements. However, we still have a long way to go, the pandemic has hit women disproportionately hard in terms of unemployment and childcare support. Companies need to be working even harder to give women the opportunities they deserve to bring an end to gender bias.