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    A Little More Conversation

    Sam Topley

    A Little More Conversation continues to bring honest and open conversations about Mental Health and Wellness to the Advertising Industry through its groundbreaking podcast.

    In its latest episode, the hosts of the show Lacyn Clarke and Chloe Heatlie of Adelphoi Music talk openly about addiction and men's health with Karmarama producer Sam Topley. 

    With a 10-year career producing commercials and content for global brands and charities, Sam shares his own personal experiences with addiction and anxiety, his journey through advertising, and how he found recovery in writing. In 2020, off the back of a successful Kickstarter campaign, he founded Dear Writer, a small publisher based in South London which focuses on producing guided journals that promote writing as a form of self-care.

    It’s an incredibly honest conversation, that delivers a confronting account into the realities of the often excessive work culture of our industry and shines a light on the striking statistics of men's mental health that go untreated.

    “We were so grateful for Sam’s bravery and honesty on the podcast. We have a long way still to go into uncovering and normalising masculinity and as the pandemic continues to impact the mental health and wellness of employees, it’s important that employers try to address and minimise the difficulties through individual care, empathy, and compassion.” Lacyn Clarke, Adelphoi Music.

    Lacyn and Chloe insist they are not medical professionals, just two gals hoping to open up the conversation surrounding mental health over a cup of tea, albeit virtually for the moment. If you would like to get involved in an episode, please get in touch with them!