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    A Little More Conversation

    Mareka Stake

    A Little More Conversation comes to the end of its first season, as hosts of the show wrap up the first year with a special episode about motherhood.

    A Little More Conversation is a breakthrough podcast created to promote honest and meaningful discussions about mental health within the advertising industry, brought to you by Lacyn Clarke and Chloe Heatlie at Adelphoi Music. 

    In the season one finale of the breakthrough mental health podcast for the ad industry, they chat with freelance creative, writer, activist, mentor and mother of two, Mareka Stake, about the challenges of motherhood in a special episode celebrating the end of the first season and the start of a new journey into parenthood for one of the hosts of the show.

    "Mental health and motherhood, parenthood even, are totally intertwined. It's the biggest thunderbolt of change, and trying to combine and blend it all together with the rest of your life, be it working or not, is one of the biggest strains on the brain I've ever experienced. But to talk it out with others, or hear other parents do that, and to know that you're not alone, is also the most brilliant way to help you keep your eye on the prize; that parenthood is probably also the best thing you've ever done, and you can make it all work somehow, in your own way, for you." Mareka Stake, Lovers and Fighters.

    Lacyn and Chloe insist they are not medical professionals, just two gals hoping to open up the conversation surrounding mental health over a cup of tea, albeit virtually for the moment. 

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