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    A Little More Conversation

    Kate Murphy

    A Little More Conversation is back with its fifth episode! Bringing honest and open conversations about Mental Health and Wellness to the Advertising Industry through its groundbreaking podcast. 

    In the latest episode, hosts of the show Lacyn Clarke and Chloe Heatlie of Adelphoi Music chat with award-winning Creative Director, Kate Murphy.

    Murphy spent four years at BBH working on brands including Tesco, Absolut, British Airways, and KFC, before joining Lucky Generals in 2018. She is now running the creative department of Acne in London.

    With over 10 years in the industry, Murphy opens up about her personal experiences of being a creative and provides some valuable insight into the expectations and pressures that creatives of all levels face.

    As a recognised leader in the industry, Murphy won the WACL ‘Future Leaders Award’ in 2019 and more recently was shortlisted for the IPAs iList, a roll call of ad practitioners who are helping to make adland a more inclusive place. She shares her views on diversity in the workforce and the importance of leaders empowering their teams in order to build resilience and trust.

    “I felt really honoured to be asked to do the Little More Conversation podcast with Lacyn and Chloe. Mental health is such an important topic across the board and it is so important that we try to be open and honest about it and the particular challenges I think we have within the industry. The more we talk about it, the more we normalise it and hopefully in turn that means people feel they can do the same.” Kate Murphy, Acne.

    “It was such a pleasure to have Kate join us on the podcast, she’s incredibly down-to-earth, talented and an inspirational mentor for young creatives entering the industry. We need more leaders like Kate!” Chloe Heatlie, Adelphoi Music.

    Lacyn and Chloe insist they are not medical professionals, just two gals hoping to open up the conversation surrounding mental health over a cup of tea, albeit virtually for the moment. If you would like to get involved in an episode, please get in touch with them!